Residential Cleaning:

Daily upkeep of your home is a must! CLEAN-O-RAMA comes in and does the job how you like it.

Daily upkeep of your home is a must! CLEAN-O-RAMA comes in and does the job right how you like it. We use HEPA vacuums and micro fiber dusting cloths preferred by the US Dept. of Health as a better alternative to standard vacuums and dusting practices.

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Residential Cleaning Features & Benefits:

33 Point Cleaning Execution:

  • Clean entry doors, ledges and doorknobs
  • Clean and mop floor tile, linoleum and wood floors
  • Clean and replace all outside light bulbs
  • Dust outside of fireplaces, ledges and hearth
  • Vacuum inside of fireplaces, clean glass inside/outside
  • Detail all baseboards
  • Clean all dishes and decorator’s furniture
  • Polish all metal hardware and fixtures
  • Clean high areas and all cabinets
  • Clean behind furniture, vacuum under pillows
  • Detail plugs and light switches
  • Clean and polish stairways and picture frames
  • Clean all glass, shelves and glasses
  • Clean appliances, hoods and vents
  • Wash and shine counter tops
  • Vacuum and wipe down cabinets and drawers
  • Clean sinks, check garbage disposal
  • Thoroughly dust lighting and ceiling
  • Clean under stove top, refrigerator, oven & dishwasher
  • Clean window sills and sliders
  • Detail closets and drawers
  • Clean mirrored wardrobe doors
  • Clean and vacuum bedspread and pillows
  • Vacuum and clean lamps and lighting fixtures
  • Clean toilets, bathtubs, showers and enclosures
  • Vacuum carpeted areas
  • Clean and polish furniture
  • Empty and clean trash containers and reline
  • Clean and arrange patio furniture
  • Spot clean walls, doors and door frames
  • Clean outside entrance, steps, landings, stairways & stairwells
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms
  • Replenish supplies as needed

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