Construction Cleaning / Cleanup

We understand the level of detail required to make your new space livable.

Construction projects almost always create a lot of debris, and when the builders leave, the dust particles are most often left behind, covering every surface in sight. Post construction cleaning is probably not something you want to deal with yourself. Send in one of CLEAN-O-RAMA’S specialized clean up crews to get the dust out, promptly and efficiently! We are experienced at cleaning up the dust created by any type of construction.

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Construction Cleaning / Cleanup Features & Benefits

    Construction: Rough Clean > Phase One > Framing

  • Remove debris from interior and exterior
  • Stack all lumber to be placed in dumpster
  • Sweep for framing inspection after electricians and plumber
  • Phase Two: Box Out

  • Remove roofing debris, including clay tile, nails, paper and pallets from perimeter
  • Finish rough clean and one sweep
  • Phase Three: Painting

  • Remove all debris generated from finish carpentry and tiling
  • Sweep interior and exterior and scrape entire interior – not including windows
  • Remove all boxes, paper and debris from interior and exterior
  • Phase Four: Box Out For Inspection

  • Wash interior and exterior window glass and exterior window sash
  • Remove packing cases and sweep after plumbers and electricians finish
  • Scrape and sweep for carpet pad
  • Wash plumbing fixtures and remove labels from sinks, bathtubs, showers, commodes, mirrors in lavatories, kitchen and bathrooms
  • Detail clean cabinets, closets, base, window sills, window and door tracks, fireplace and exterior of appliances
  • Clean counter tops
  • Sweep and mop floor tile

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