Auto Detailing:

Our Professional mobile detailing services come to you, at home or the office.

You get your oil changed regularly. You rotate your tires and service your transmission on a regular basis. You never let a summer go before you have your coolant changed. But did you know that your vehicle requires regular service to its paint, trim, rubber, leather and other surfaces as well? An “express” service wash from your local car wash every now and then isn’t nearly sufficient to maintain your vehicle in top condition. Harsh elements are attacking and deteriorating your vehicles appearance thus robbing value from your vehicle. It is essential that your vehicle be routinely serviced by a competent professional detailer.

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Auto Detailing Features & Benefits:

  • Hand washing and drying of vehicle
  • Door jambs wiped
  • Vehicle wheels, wheel wells and tires scrubbed clean
  • Fender scrubbed to remove bug splatter and road grime
  • Tires dressed to a perfect shine
  • Gas cap and surrounding area treated
  • Vacuum interior including ashtray and trunk
  • Shampoo carpets, mats and upholstered seats by machine or with a heated extractor
  • Clean Leather seats + protectant applied
  • Interior windows, mirrors and gauges cleaned to a streak free shine
  • Dashboard, center console, cup holders wiped clean + protectant applied
  • Exterior trim treated
  • Paste wax is applied by machine to seal in the protection and leave a “wet look”
  • Wax protection lasts 3 months.
  • Optional clay bar can be administered to remove hard deposits on paint job (extra charge)
  • Optional engine clean can be administered to polish under the hood car parts (extra charge)
  • Optional Scratch Removal can be administered to remove “light scratches” (extra charge)

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